Friday, December 6, 2013

Storyboard VS Screenplay

I enjoyed the task that involded making a storyboard because I do like being artistic within my work but I am not very good in depicting my thoughts through images. I am also not the best at deciding which type of shot should go with which scene. On the other hand, the storyboard allowed me to get creative and imaginative and to illustrate these sides of me which can't be expressed as thrououghly in a script compare to this. I believe that making a storyboard is better if you have a creative mind and you are able to put your ideas down on to the page as detailed drawings.

I found the script more enjoyable than the storyboard because I could easily express what I had in my mind through words much better than through drawings. I had a good mind set on what I wanted to do in the script and I believed that I achieved it. I find that writing dialogue and a description of a scene were much more fun and much easier because they allowed me to use a wider vocabulary and experiment with different descriptions of a scene. I find that the way a script is layed out is much simpler and more effective than a script, this is just my opinion, but I find them a lot better than a storyboard because they are universal, everyone can read and write but not everyone can draw. This makes the script a bit more accessible than the storyboard.

Based on the trials of both methods, I have chosen to go with the script because it is more versatile and much easier to portray ideas through. I feel that I could achieve a better grade with a script purely because it has no limitations on dialogue, idea portrayal.

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